You focus on your sales.

We'll focus on your fundraisers.

Let us handle setting up storefront templates, customer sales pages and supporting all your customer's technical questions.

(see FAQs below for eligibility requirements)


Customer set up

We'll handle everything from setting up your storefront templates to helping your customers get their campaigns underway.

Offboard your customer support

With potentially thousands of customers visiting your storefront, we'll remove the entire headache of supporting them.

Personal consulting

We'll provide an end of month sales report for your accounting needs and help answer any questions you may have.

Spend more time selling and less time supporting


A team of business and fundraising experts to maximize your profits

Everything you could wish for in a dedicated team to support your business and customers.
The RallyVendor full service support option takes all the headaches and uncertainty that comes along with new software and procedures.
From customer management to dedicated support lines and custom on-boarding consulting – RallyVendor is here for all your business needs!


Better fundraising starts with proper set up and execution

support portal
RallyVendor makes signing up customers a fast and efficient process.
We'll sit down with you and develop a strategy to best fit your business needs. We strive to understand your goals and align our fundraising support activities around them.
Determine an on-boarding experience for your customers and support them to ensure all fundraising is done in a standardized and reportable manner. Sign your first customer and watch your sales climb!
From reporting to customer support – every sale is better with RallyVendor.

Run your fundraising sale business online with RallyVendor