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See how simple it is to build a storefront platform for your customers on RallyVendor.

How it works

RallyVendor helps your organization launch effective fundraising storefronts in just a few clicks.

Launch a campaign

Easily build, launch and manage any fundraising experience.

Reach more people

Acquire new donors more simply than ever before.

Raise more money

Leverage technology to raise more funds in less time.

No upfront costs. No subscriptions. No trial periods.

Just start fundraising.

The process

How does RallyVendor work?

Contact Us

We'll setup an introductory 4 minute call where we will learn more about your business and its objectives and build a plan for success.

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Brand your platform

We'll set up a white labeled platform around your business. We'll add logos, color schemes, links to your business site and payment options. Own a custom domain? We can map to that domain as well!


Build your fundraiser template(s)

We can help build storefront templates around your product lines. Selling specific items over and over for various customers? Set up a product sales campaign that can be generated for each and every customer within seconds!

Add images, video and description content to customize the campaign experience for your customers.

We can build a great-looking fundraising page using your content.
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Automatic page generator

Customized countdowns

Dynamic image and video content

Customizable page templates

Campaign progress bars

Custom branding features

Rich text formatted descriptions

Customizable call to action buttons

Personalized campaign URLs


Create a customer sign up form

We'll build a custom sign up form for your customers to begin their fundraising campaign with you.

Collect information about your customers in the process: mailing address, phone number, and custom fields.

We can tailor the sign up form to your business needs allowing you full control of the process.

Customize your check out process

Customize the thank-you emails that will be automatically sent to each person who donates to the cause.

Collect custom information from donors in checkout: mailing address, phone number, and custom fields.

Tailor the checkout process to your needs by requesting information from your donors at checkout using standard or custom fields.

All funds will go to your very own Stripe account to allow you to manage any profit margin imaginable!

Pick your platform pricing

No subscription. No commitment. Allow your customer's donors to pitch in to cover the costs of RallyVendor. Just choose from the free or percent pricing options.


Free: After entering their donation, donors are asked if they’d help fund campaign costs by leaving a small tip. Tips are entirely optional.




Percent: Choose a fixed 7.9% and decide to add the cost to each donation or have it automatically deducted from the funds raised.

Get technical support

We help you every step of the journey, from branding your organization to building your first fundraiser.

Use the built-in help center or reach out to our supportive community to keep your fundraiser on target.

Our team is on hand if you ever get stuck. Just reach out via email or chat and we’ll help with friendly advice.
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Sign up customers

Congratulations! You’re ready for launch.

Once everything’s just the way you want it, simply bring on a new customer and copy your campaign template to build a new campaign or storefront just for them!

With the leading online platform for building great fundraising experiences in your corner, you’ll quickly see the profits you need to power your business.

It’s easy and free to get started.

Create remarkable fundraising experiences!
It’s easier than you think, and it’s more effective than you’d believe.