A fully managed white labeled product sales platform

Simplify your sales efforts and reach new customers with unique online vendor tools to better reach your online customer base.

Everything you need to bring your business online

A versatile online platform for creating great fundraising experiences

A simple step-by-step interface walks you through every aspect of building amazing experiences. Hundreds of options give you the flexibility to create exactly what you want.

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A fundraiser for every business

Build storefronts for your products or collect  donations for your cause.
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Extensive team fundraising

Enable supporters to create fundraising 'competitions' amongst teams and peers
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Collecting online funds is a breeze

Effortless checkout from any browser with a super secure payment processor
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Early bird gets the worm.

Increase sales through special pricing times and sales
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A branded organization page to centralize all your online business activity

Customize your organization and promote your brand on every campaign your customers run. RallyVendor allows you to set your brand colors, logos, web addresses and more!

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A fundraising home page

Give people a single place to find, follow and get involved with all your activities

Fundraiser templates

Create a fundraiser 'template' that can be easily copied for all new customers
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Full reporting of your fundraisers

Our platform gives you full access to all of your campaigns across multiple customers
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Enable your customers

Give your staff and customers a simple way to start a fundraiser with your organization

A central hub to manage all your customers, campaigns and orders

View sales reports by product, customer or campaign. Easily replicate campaigns across multiple customers.

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Quickly onboard multiple customers

Bring on hundreds of customers with a simple onboarding experience

Centralize customer orders

Route all sales to a centralized Stripe account for simple accounting
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Build a set of store templates

Create a templates for easy campaign creation across multiple customers

All the support you need

Get your questions answered via knowledgebase, user forums, or direct message

Join the 500,000+ organizations and individuals raising funds on RallyVendor!

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It’s easy to get started!

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