Funding and Service Fee Policy

Funding and Service Fee PolicynnFundingnnAs an Administrator who has access to an organization account on RallyVendor, you may choose to receive Contributions made to your Campaign(s) by using your own Stripe credit card processing account (“Direct Funding”), or by using RallyVendor’s Stripe credit card processing account (“Deferred Funding”).nnDirect Funding. If you elect to use Direct Funding, you will create and/or link a Stripe account to your RallyVendor account in your organization settings. Contributions received for your Campaign(s), net of any Service Fees and Costs as described in the Service Fees section below, will be received in this account as Contributions are made, and are subject to the Stripe Services Agreement as described in Section 13(a) of the Terms of Use.nnThe funds in your Stripe account will be provided to you on the basis defined between you and Stripe by the settings in your Stripe account and per the terms of the Stripe Services Agreement.nnDeferred Funding. If you elect to use Deferred Funding, we will collect and retain Contributions made to your Campaign(s) on your behalf, net of any Service Fees and Costs as defined in the Service Fees section below, per the terms of the Agency Relationship section of the Terms of Use.nnUpon your request to withdraw retained Contributions, we will remit the funds to you via electronic check after an approximately 90-day holding period from the date of your request. The purpose of the 90-day holding period is to allow Contributor refund requests and/or Contributor credit card disputes for your Campaign to be processed. In cases involving fraud or other breech of the website Terms of Use, or at the request of authorized regulatory authorities, retained Contributions may be withheld for a period of longer than 90 days.nnThe 90-day holding period may be reduced or waived for a specific Administrator or Campaign at the discretion of RallyVendor. RallyVendor will, in cases of a reducing or waiving of the holding period, hold back the greater of an amount equal to 10% of the retained contributions or an amount equal to the largest Contribution made to the Campaign for which the retained Contributions were held for (collectively, the “Holdback”), for 60 days after remitting the initial portion of the retained Contributions. The Holdback amount will be released after the 60 days, less the amount of any Costs that occurred. If the amount of the Holdback is insufficient to pay the Costs that are occurred, we will invoice you for the remaining amount per the terms of the Service Fees section below. RallyVendor has no obligation to reduce or waive the holding period for any reason.nnAdvocate Funding. Contributions made to Campaign(s) created by Administrators who do not have access to an organization account on RallyVendor (“Advocate” Users) will be received using Deferred Funding. RallyVendor may, at its discretion, make or require a change to this policy for any specific Campaign.nnService FeesnnAdministrators may be charged a Service Fee as a portion of the Contributions they receive. Service Fees are effective on the date that they are posted to the RallyVendor Pricing Page and will be incurred at the then-current rate. If we make any material change to the Service Fees, we will notify Users by sending an email, by posting a notice through the Services, or by other means as deemed appropriate. Your continued use of the Services or the Site after any such change in Service Fees constitutes your acceptance of these changes.nnService Fees may vary based on the type of the Campaign they apply to and the selections made by the Administrator when they create a Campaign. Service Fees apply to every Contribution, even if a specific Contribution is later refunded or is deemed to be not valid for any reason.nnService Fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities. You are solely responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties. You agree to pay all such taxes, levies or duties that may be applicable to Contributions collected for your Campaign(s).nnContributions are subject to additional processing fees in addition to the Service Fees. These include, but are not limited to, credit card processing fees, credit card chargeback fees, wire transfer fees, and other processing costs (“Costs”).nnService Fees and/or Costs from Contributions to your Campaign(s) will be subtracted from the amount of each Contribution prior to the remittance of such Contribution to you. If the amount of any Contribution, or the aggregate amount of Contributions from a specific Campaign that is held by us on your behalf per the Terms of Use, is insufficient to pay the Services Fees and/or Costs incurred on that Campaign, we will provide you with an invoice in the amount of the unpaid amount of the Service Fees and/or Costs. You agree to pay the invoiced amount within ten (10) business days of us sending the invoice to you via email or regular mail. Failure to pay the invoiced amount on a timely basis for any reason will be considered a violation of the Terms of Use. The phrase “business days” shall mean all calendar days other than legal holidays of the State of Arizona, Saturdays, and Sundays. If the due date for payment of an invoice falls on a non-business day, then payment shall be due on the next business day.